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Comprehensive examination of KDJ

  emphasize the importance of forexdiscountbrokers forexbonusrebatedicators, mostly from the overall perspective of the theory of technical analys forexrebatesbrokers in practice, investors should pay attention to the use of a variety of technical cashback forex forex discount brokers practice because of the theory of technical analysis over time, a variety of, complex each technical analysis has a different perspective and focus, it is indeed more difficult to master But the use of these technical means, the heart must understand that these technical analysis of theories and indicators have their own weaknesses and defects, therefore, the use of a single indicator will have a great blindness and limitations, the direct consequence is to cause errors in judgment, investment (speculation) failure, so for a mature professional stock investors, should master a variety of technical analysis means, comprehensive investigation, multi-angle thinking, play In the analysis of the KDJ indicator, I have always stressed the sensitivity of the indicator, in fact, this sensitivity also exists in other technical indicators, but the use of the KDJ is too much stockholders, increasing its resonance which leads to the sensitivity of the indicator is increasingly large in the past people use stochastic indicators generally through a specific cycle (often 9 days) within the The highest price, lowest price and closing price of the last day and the proportional relationship between these three, to calculate the last day of immature stochastic value, however, according to the method of smoothing moving averages to calculate the KDJ, often stochastic, of which the J value is the most unreliable, because it is too sensitive, K value is the second, D value is slightly more stable because the KD is derived from the William indicator, so it also has the William The indicator suggests the ability to overbuy and oversell the phenomenon In practice, when the K line in the low level up through the D line, known as the golden cross, is a short-term grab signal; when the K line in the high level down through the D line, also known as the dead cross, is a signal to throw chips and in this process, the J line is often ahead of the KD first to show the trend of up and down, just like the gun in the hands of the referee on the sports field, the gun has not sounded, the athletes can not get up and run, Otherwise, it is a violation and will be punished, but in the gun raised, the athletes must maintain a posture of competition
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