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Carry a losing order --- Underwater air closure should not be too long!

diving people know forexrebatesbrokers underwater gas forex discount brokers a test, everyones gas time is forexdiscountbrokers the same, forexbonusrebate each persons physical condition and lung capacity in particular, but the time of gas cashback forex have a limit value, more than this limit you have to drowning death once reported that someone can not carry oxygen underwater can last for hours, later proved to be just a deception let alone diving, here is talking about trading Most professional traders will not hold a losing position for too long Once a trading position is underwater (in a losing position), a professional trader will immediately look for an exit strategy, if he does not have an exit strategy beforehand, he will immediately use a protective stop foreign people have used a very simple trading strategy to study trading using a 20-point fixed stop loss, 40 points of profit, the basis of the transaction is the use of a coin flip. The basis of the trade was to use a coin flip, buy heads and sell tails, and after 6 months, I was able to make a small profit. What this taught me is that there are thousands of trading strategies to choose from, but prudent money management, or risk control is extremely important, in other words, a quick stop loss is the key. rough mental calculation, even if the success rate of this system is only 50%, probably also be able to profit I have had the experience of blowing up positions, but also witnessed others have this encounter probably the situation is generally a very large part of the position is potentially underwater, do not get enough oxygen, the results drowned too much loss was margin calls, the results were forced to close positions and even blow up many times are started by small losses, due to the lack of stop loss, the Losses slowly accumulate until the losses are large enough so that they are completely unacceptable, the brain is blank then traders hope that the market can reverse, the loss of money to come back but many times the market does not know what you think, hope does not work the market does not ever know your hopes, and never care about your ideas you feel uncomfortable underwater closed gas should immediately float out of sleep to absorb oxygen, and similarly once a trading Once a trade reaches a certain range of losses you should stop and get out of it. Strict risk management is the way to survive and cannot be ignored. Traders who hold losing positions often fail to realize that losses can get bigger and bigger losses can get even bigger. This time you are actually not far from disaster and bankruptcy ironic thing is that when you have just been swept away, the market really reversed the individual speculator that little money is nothing, dead carry, etc. = burst! There is an old trading adage that traders should bear in mind that everything is possible in the market, and the most likely thing it will do is to make the vast majority of traders frustrated and desperate Who is most likely to be frustrated and desperate? It is those who have been holding losing positions for too long, even if there is no risk of blowing up, there is also a great emotional impact on traders who spend all day hoping for a market reversal to save their losses, it is easy to become frustrated and use a negative psychology to make new trades more likely to create new losses once you say something like I hope the market will reverse to what point, despair begins to arise, and Most of the time, that hope will not be realized successful traders tend to adhere to very few basic and effective trading rules for years, but for many ordinary traders, adhere to these few rules are very difficult, because they are contrary to human nature for example, stop loss, it is difficult to adhere to, because human nature does not like to lose more forex learning - forex beginner basics, how to speculate in foreign exchange, please visit: foreign exchange basics learning section 
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