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Be wary of wave traps

To make your technical analys forexrebatesbrokers a more complete system, not underst forexdiscountbrokersing forex discount brokers the forexbonusrebate is a matter of regret. Remember what we said before, in technical analysis, do not understand wave theory is like stir-fry without salt, although you can eat the entrance, but tasteless, if the stir-fry vegetables into speculation (or speculation), then this taste, is the main line of technical analysis is indispensable.  Wave theory originated from Dow, is a highly generalized theoretical system. Is the extension and extension of the trend theory, in the study of wave theory and start counting cashback forex, can pay attention to the following points: 1, since the wave theory is a theory, then its main entry point is in the technical analysis of the meaning of guidance, outside that is, not to operate the skills to see, but focus on the concept, thinking on the establishment.  2, the simple wave theory or the number of waves, operability is not strong. Because it is a highly generalized theoretical system, it is universally applicable, which is why the phenomenon of a thousand waves is generated. In the actual analysis and operation, to use the concept established by wave theory, combined with other trading tools for analysis and judgment.  3, do not let the number of waves fixed their thinking, for the sake of the number of waves and the number of waves, to produce a preconceived notion. To combine the actual situation of the market, follow the market, flexible application.  4, to combine the cycle of the cycle and the trading concept of the game to understand and apply the wave theory.  5,The three main elements of wave theory are: form, size and time. Among them, the form is the most important. Therefore, when counting waves, you should first identify the pattern, and then count the waves, do not reverse the order.  Elliott divided the waves into 13 patterns, these 13 patterns are: 1. simple five-wave pattern. 2. extended five-wave pattern. 3. exhaustion of the fifth wave or failure. 4. ending inclined triangle or wedge. 5. leading inclined triangle or wedge. 6 sawtooth. 7 double sawtooth. 8 platform. 9 diffusion platform. 10 contraction triangle. 11 diffusion triangle. ww12 double three waves. 13 triple triple wave.  6, wave theory is also suitable for indicators, trends, averages and other methods of analysis.  7, to the wave theory as the main line, throughout your entire system of technical analysis.  Oh, in short, summed up into a classic quote: to wave the good, thinking is most important.
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