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Analysis of the trend pause law in trading

Market structure theory of the forex d forexbonusrebatecount brokers forexdiscountbrokers cashback forex and inflection point rules, is the market research refinement of the technical rules of operation, is the research and judgment of the trend of the forexrebatesbrokers of the important technical principles of the turning point or reversal point, involving the specific buying and selling point of the trading decision trend pause law points out: the same band of the trend running with fluidity, once there is a running pause, that is, the trend adjustment or reversal The first signal Indicator-based technical rules are used to determine the turning point (or reversal point) of a band mainly by means of the golden cross and dead cross of the indicator curve and other related types of signals, whose essence is to determine the change of the trend through the statistical principles of indicator-based technology and the comparison of technical states Trend stopping law is exactly the same as the ultimate goal of indicator-based technology, only the methods and technical perspectives used are completely different. The conclusion that market structure theory is more sensitive and effective in determining micro-trends than the common indicator-based techniques is due to the fact that they are based on completely different technical principles. What is the basic principle of the law? Market Structure Theory describes it as follows: The operation of the trend follows the law of equilibrium, which is reflected in the uniform rhythm of the trend in pursuit of equilibrium This is also the expression of the law of trend inertia The balance of the trend operation is expressed in the smoothness of the trend operation The smoothness of the trend operation is expressed in the continuous, uniform, uninterrupted, stable trend movement According to the law of market equilibrium and the trend variable speed According to the law of market equilibrium and the law of trend speed, the trend in the process of running will show a state of variable speed This change in speed is the market out of balance The change in the speed of the trend has two main forms: trend acceleration and trend deceleration Trend acceleration is a strong signal of the continuation of the original trend, while trend deceleration is a trend adjustment or reversal of the signs of the same band trend running pause is the trend deceleration, which means that the trend band adjustment or reversal Trend The technical points of the pause law mainly include the following four aspects: (1) the same band trend continuity is characterized by the operation of the trend of the band running out of the same K-line arrangement state The same K-line arrangement is the same K-line arrangement with the trend movement direction can be divided into multi-headed K-line arrangement and short K-line arrangement It is worth noting that the basic principle of the K-line arrangement of different trend directions comes from the law of multi-space structure (2) When the K-line arrangement of the same party shows signs of pause, it means that the trend of the band running pause must be pointed out that the finishing K-line is also a warning signal of the trend running pause In addition, the flat top or flat bottom type K-line also belongs to the finishing K-line arrangement These K-line types are the signs of pause shown by the trend running K-line arrangement (3) The trend pause law is the trend tracking technique for the same band, only for the same band A trend band is a complete trend running unit when a trend band ends, the trend will start a new trend band running (4) The trend stopping law is applicable to all analysis cycles of trend tracking For any analysis cycle, the trend stopping law fully embodies the signs of trend adjustment and trend change from 1 dealer At the same time, market structure theory makes the following derivation of the trend stopping law: (1) trend stopping law is one of the core techniques of trend tracking, it is an important technical means to effectively determine the turning point of the band (2) the use of trend stopping law trend tracking in isolation is not meaningful, must be combined with related structural techniques for comprehensive Determine the establishment of the turning point (3) when the market structure analysis indicates that the turning moment, the signal issued by the trend pause is the most clear expression of this turning momentum (4) trend pause in the entire band structure in the position is crucial, the pause in the middle of the band and the end of the band pause has a completely different technical meaning (5) must be noted: trend pause performance adjustment or turning momentum on the adjustment or turning momentum of the judgment is not the trend The ability to stop the law of scope (6) in the key position of the band appears in the finishing type K line, is also an important signal of the trend pause The above rules are rather tongue-in-cheek, but it is worth studying and experience
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