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Analysis of the short term and medium and long term misconceptions

foreign exchange market according to the length of operation time can be roughly divided into four ways: ultra- forexdiscountbrokers forex d forexbonusrebatecount brokers operation, short term operation, medium forexrebatesbrokers cashback forex term operation, long term operation many investors who first entered the foreign exchange market are blood and vigor, lack of understanding of the risks of the foreign exchange market and blind confidence, most of the use of no rigorous research thinking and rigorous trading methods of short term trading way, catch the market good may occasionally earn some The money is confused, if the market is not good will be serious losses   However, no matter how many books have been read, how many techniques have been learned, this lack of mind control and trading rules of short-term trading the final result is mostly loss only very few investors can do with intuition can trade, that is also the highest level of short-term investors, that level can reach only a very small number of geniuses, most people suitable or A medium and long term trend trading method A. What is long term investment?  Long-term investment means that you enter the foreign exchange market is a long time, the general investment time between three months to a few years the correct long term investment method is to use fundamental analysis methods for foreign exchange selection buy foreign exchange is at the bottom of the foreign exchange, sell foreign exchange is constantly doing high throw low suction guarantee zero risk long term investment theory is zero risk investment mathematical model the method applies to high performance currency, large cap stocks, funds The first choice is of course to invest in long term currency pairs, as mentioned above long term currency pairs are fundamentally good currencies, such as the dollar, the euro, gold, etc. The recommended method of operation is to find the relative low point after the position, 50 percent of the position regardless of the rise or fall are not sold, the other 50 percent repeatedly do high throw low fine, swing operation! Put 1-2 years to earn a 30-50 points basic not much problem, good luck may have doubled several times! The main operating characteristic is stable, the general market short-term shocks basically have nothing to do with you! This operation in the bull market risk is basically equal to 0! Second, what is the short term operation?  Short-term investment refers to a few days, or even the same day to buy the next day to sell, to obtain the spread of income from the investment behavior is essentially speculative behavior short term investment risk is greater, but sometimes the returns are very substantial to do short term people, the companys performance is good or bad, the P/E ratio is not important, the important thing is whether the exchange rate has a considerable amount of frequent rise and fall, and thus profitable, for short term investors to succeed The key to success for short term investors is strict mind control + correct money management + excellent technical skills If you are a successful short term investment expert, of course, do not see the long term profits, but the difficulty and risk of doing short term is far more than any new exchange people imagine If you look at the short term time as three days, for example, you find a good stock on the way up with the institution sitting, after chasing into just encounter the institution wash, on wash 3-5 days, how do you? 5 days, what do you do? Did you buy the wrong one? In fact, not, for technical people you operate right, just a bit of bad luck, so the short term may become a medium-term!  Three, buy foreign exchange is only a choice of two kinds 1, the strongest currency, on the way up in many stocks will appear 1-2 times up, on the short term, chasing profits may be far more reliable than buying down, even if encounter closing, more than two days will go up!  2, oversold rebound currency, down to the support level, feel down, most investors will choose to buy the operation, boating short term profits, feel safe, big profits, in fact, this view is wrong, the main force in the shipments on the way to pull up the ultimate purpose of the behavior is still to ship If you play short term choice oversold rebound currency, but once you trapped, you do not escape, then the short term into the medium, medium into the long term, and finally become ... You can imagine the final end!  Fourth, choose short term or medium and long term in the investment market want to have a mature mind first learn to endure, medium and long term need to endure a long time of loneliness and pain, but also to endure the short-term fluctuations in exchange prices brought about by profit and loss fluctuations, because it is likely that foreign exchange will be in oscillation from profit to loss, a period of time or a few profit and loss down on the foreign exchange holders confidence is a heavy blow, many people often can not stand this torture And choose the short term trading Although endure the loneliness of medium and long term trading is not as passionate as short term trading, but medium and long term trading should be more suitable for most investors to invest for the purpose of profit rather than to seek excitement, investment profit is the fundamental purpose of our entry into the market investors can choose according to their own situation is short term trading or medium and long term trading, the general public do not fantasize that the combination of short, medium and long term And maximize profits, that unrealistic greed will make you do nothing Use the trend of medium and long term trading is a simple and effective method of investment, this trading method makes you feel that although there are opportunities in the market every day, but the actual for you is very little, you have to do is actually grasp you can grasp the few opportunities to forget about the rise in the list of those moments of temptation, but also do not bother to count foreign exchange One or two days of short fluctuations, let yourself calmly face the market changes, the heart is quiet natural win Short-term trading is a kind of art, it is difficult to learn to get, need a high degree of talent and perception, many people hope that by learning technical analysis and become a short term trading master is unrealistic medium and long term trading is a kind of plan, it is easy to learn through learning and learn, personal knowledge and quality requirements are not very high, choose short term or I think it is not difficult for most investors to choose between the short term and the long term Five, the misunderstanding of the investment I often let my assistant ask customers, how much short term profit you have in mind? Some people say 3 points per day, ~ ~ too greedy, some friends say 1 day 1 point on the line, the requirements are very low, right! The answer I give is, 1 point a day is also very greedy, 1 point a day, 1 year is 365 days! 260 trading days, if your principal is 10,000 yuan a day 1 point, 1 year is how many times? How many times is 10 years? If I tell you the calculated principal after ten years, it will scare you to death! You think you are not greedy?  If you are a psychologically mature old exchange people, the average investment 10 times, earn 8 times, an average of 5 points each time, the loss of 2 times, within 3 points of loss, a long time to accumulate, you are already the god of exchange! We all know that Warren Buffett, the God of stocks, his annual investment out of the economic report most of them are making money, a few will also be technical errors in the loss situation, which shows what problem? The world does not have any kind of investment is no risk, today said so much, mainly to correct the investment misconceptions in the eyes of many new foreign exchange friends, so that we have a further understanding of foreign exchange! Everyone in the future growth period of hardship and payment is also daunting, but I always believe that as long as efforts, you will become the future outstanding investors!
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