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About forex replay say my personal opinion

do trad cashback forexg, especially technical traders, are fond of replay, should have done a lot of replay in the ignorance period, replay forex discount brokers hoped to find the law of price movement, found a high winning rate of opening law later matured a little, replay is to test the trading forexrebatesbrokers now generally test the system with the program to run, but I still recommend manual replay, why? Program to run, fast, a few seconds data out forexdiscountbrokers manual replay can put themselves into the history of the trend, simulating the state of mind at the time, to experience the impact of the rise and fall on performance and mindset, to obtain a more intuitive "experiential" experience common practice is to pull the price chart to the left side of the computer screen, the back of the market cover, and then click Keyboard, let the back of the K line a child a child out of a, stay for a few seconds, ask yourself: will open a position here, will close a position here ...... and so on, if careful, you can also find a book, the opening price, closing price are recorded, check the calculation I entered the market in 07 speculation, 08 years during a large number of Similar work, at that time did forexbonusrebate learn programming, so the review of the data are made into EXCEL tables, considered to do backtesting of the trading system, it sometimes sit in front of the computer is a day, lumbar strain injury is how to come to this work is more or less meaningful because, the past market we have not experienced, so we have to paper, pretend to experience once who is not a genius, estimated that we get the The first trading system, are moved from others, not their own development, for example, I was copying the turtle law, but it does not matter, just like our domestic fighter jets, the Soviet Union, the United States to move over, disassemble, study, figure out the internal structure, and why such a structure, you can invent their own creation by examining the performance of the trading system in the history of the trend, we can deepen What happens to a system when it encounters a shock? What happens when there is a wide range of shocks? What happens when there is a narrow shock? How many times has the system lost money in the most extreme shocks in history? What is the extent of the losses? Does it get hit with a stop loss before it floats to a win, or does it win a small amount and then give it back, with a stop loss but a smaller loss than expected? How much does the system retract after continuous losses? Can you optimize for this situation? --If an optimized strategy is designed, then run another stage with the optimized strategy to see if it is applicable and if it will hurt the performance of other stages? If yes, the optimization will be more than worth the loss, will be abandoned again, for example, the trend of the market, is not simply unchanging there are many types, some smooth, some grind (that is, different volatility) is the start of a very fierce, the more to the back of the more subdued is not amazing when starting, the more to the late more crazy my system are applicable? If not, what should I do? Should I improve it, or accept it? -- At the beginning, they are looking for ways to improve like crazy, then slowly frustration more, that is, give up (or no longer from the trading system itself, but in the money management and adjustment of the strategy of adding and subtracting positions), but to learn to accept in the process, slowly deepen the understanding of the system --The deeper the understanding of logic, the more you know what you are doing and why you are doing it, and slowly deepen your understanding of yourself. V-shaped reversal of the trend, superimposed on their own trading system to see our system is not for dealing with V-shaped reversal and born? If not, do not blame the system does not do well! Because he does not have the responsibility! So we can observe that usually V reversals happen after a wild rise or fall, so how do we define wild in our system? Its an abnormal expansion of volatility, so if you define normal and abnormal? If the indicator enters an abnormal phase, we should be alert to the possibility of a V-shaped reversal. If we are worried about this, we should at least make the following strategic adjustments: first, no more positions, and even more so, no more inverted pyramid positions. second, reduce positions at a high level as appropriate. third, start an auxiliary closing tool. Lowered a trading cycle, so the signal is more likely to trigger a transaction, are involved in a whole body - repeatedly stressed on the above three points seem simple, but there are many details such as the second to reduce positions on high what is on high? How to define the high? If there is no clear definition, this one is nonsense and the essence of the third is to increase the stop gain settings on this point, the stop gain in principle in the trend trading is not recommended if you do, there must be supporting compensatory measures to prevent smarty-pants stop wrong, limiting the expansion of profits as a child watching the "Seven Dragon Balls", Sun Wukong in the house of time to practice, doubling the power in fact, the replay is somewhat similar to the meaning of the Dow The theory that history repeats itself, although not necessarily 100%, but the degree of similarity is very high, as the saying goes, there is nothing new under the sun replay more, simulation experience more, although not necessarily in the actual operation of the bull, but always with a preview, with a plan, to be better, not to panic, no countermeasures replay more, a deep understanding of the logic behind the trading system, but also a deep understanding of their own The two are combined First, follow your own personality traits, build a trading system, and strive to bring out the advantageous side of your personality, such as being able to hold a position and sit still; or be calm before opening a position, not a small fluctuation will cheat into the field Second, for the disadvantageous side of your personality, find ways to limit through the trading system, and Make up, improve, as said above, first, do not fear V-shaped reversal, do not dare to hold a position, see what the reverse fluctuations seem to V-shaped reversal, suspicious how to limit it? To the system to install a mobile tracking stop mechanism, do not trigger, do not close the position second, if you can not limit, have to move a little, then if the wrong move, how to make up? Third, strive to improve, as if I proposed, to deal with the V turn of the 3 we can clearly see, in the development process of the trading system, what is the core of everything? --You do not try to develop a "more awesome the better" system, but to develop a system that suits you better because such a system, it is possible to be practically implemented, to really glow with the ability to win this sword is really belong to Otherwise, you will be reduced to a master swordsmith - some traders are like this, because they do not have a deep understanding of their own personality characteristics, lack of self-inquiry spirit, unwilling to nakedly dissect themselves, so, make a lot of systems, are very good, but are useless, just like I met the fat brother The two abilities, to a large extent, come from the review of the heart, the brain to review the author: Liu Da 1984 (Zhihu)  
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