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18 kinds of foreign exchange 12 years 1 minute complete historical data download import

description  cashback forex historical forex discount brokers forexbonusrebate article is very much but most forexrebatesbrokerscomplete, in the history of the MT4 test is a skill, MT4 history center to download the data is often poor quality or incomplete data, if the method is not correct will only waste time, more importantly, get is not reliable test results; this This article will give you complete guidance on how to download historical data and import it for use process 1, historical data download period: M1 price: buy price time: GMT (Greenwich) (without daylight saving time) download address: html This data a month, updated once 2, set the maximum number of historical columns Start MT4 client - Tools - Options  3, use the script to calculate the panning Script download address: html put the script into the MT4/experts/scripts directory and drag it into the chart to run, remember the panning values in the alerts  4, delete the original login account delete the login account, let MT4 not update the current data, and close MT4  5, delete the original history data enter the MT4/history directory, delete the files with currency pairs inside such as EURUSD1. all deleted  6, decompression download history data to EURUSD as an example, we will download the M1 history data decompression get TXT file:  7, import download Historical data After opening MT4, do not log in to your account:   Open Tools - Historical Data Center:   Browse the decompressed TXT data file:   Set the panning to the time difference shown by the script:   Click OK after the M1 data has been fully imported, but Other cycles still need to be converted:  8, convert all cycles data script download address: put the script into MT4/experts/scripts directory and drag into the chart to run, please remember Must be dragged into the M1 chart  Currently all cycle data has been fully imported, replay test can reach 90% quality!   
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