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10-day loss of 110 million after jumping futures traders they call themselves wolves

In real life, many people with hundreds of millions of dollars are play forexbonusrebateg hard to get every day, each forexdiscountbrokers a ruthless character, the most typical is to do the forexrebatesbrokers industry has an old saying, every time the futures cashback forex is bad, always send away one or two, so futures traders are calling themselves wolves this time, gone is a futures big brother old futures man burst position jumped September 29 At 3:30 am on September 29, on the 31st floor of the SSE by Xiang Xie Li, a futures big brother who has been in the industry for more than 20 years paid Xiaojun jumped to his death due to a rubber position explosion just did not expect more than 20 years of old futures people, to have technology, but finally lost to the market sentiment of course, the hazards of high leverage is also obvious according to the screenshots of the accounts circulated to pay Xiaojun, he lost 110 million in 10 trading days have since The media manually collated a clear version of the, with all the masses of eaters to see together (pictures from the financial big cattle cat) in this account screenshot can be seen, pay Xiaojun September 13 customer equity is almost 101 million, to September 26, only more than 30 million, plus the intermediate deposit of more than 40 million, almost 10 days loss out of 110 million rubber how?September 28 The commodity market violent shock, soon after the opening, an industrial leading varieties of rubber will sue down, the main contract fell 7.01%, the largest single-day decline in the year at the same time, chemical, non-ferrous, black system is also under pressure overall have to do with the opposite direction of friends, assets 1 day to zero! Some investors lamented shortly after the opening of the morning session soon after the market spread the sad news that there were old Shanghai futures big losses I used to suffer from it (gambling style to do more suffered a blowout), a few days, two temples more than a lot of gray hair an investor sighed another investor lamented, in the futures market for so many years, is to have technology, to have the fundamentals of the fundamentals, but still can not escape the shackles of human nature. Resulting in such cruel results we should not think of ourselves as too smart, grow slowly in trading, be true to yourself, do slow trading not suitable for trading, can not find the method in trading, it is recommended or exit the futures market, do well in the stock market, have a mature methodology when you come back with the National Day holiday, the funds risk aversion heated up, the exchange raised margin, the total position continued to decline, black System deep retracement, coupled with the Southeast Asian major producing countries to give up the price, Shanghai rubber futures rose tremendously, the Shanghai Futures Institute, such as a large increase in the negative impact of the Tianlian position list, in short, the fundamentals, policy forex discount brokers technical aspects of the resonance led to the Tianlian long confidence repeatedly collapsed, Shanghai rubber futures prices fell again National Investment Anxin futures analyst Hu Hua brazier said Yuanbang investment fund manager assistant Tian Changrun said that rubber has been falling recently, yesterdays accelerated decline by Fundamental factors have less impact, mainly market sentiment and pre-holiday effect driven by silence and reflection pay Ai Min Rui Fu investment for the matter of pay Xiaojun, just heard the news, too shocked, can not believe this brother did more than 20 years of rubber, is a veteran of the rubber circle, he specializes in a variety of decades ago we also dined together in Shanghai, we are together just exchange spot, and will not pay attention to his psychological state and family life he is spot and futures are done, there should be a lot of spot trade, both sides are doing more, it is estimated that the loss of one or two hundred million dollars, if both sides of the futures market are losing money, it is very difficult to run out of the futures market is too cruel, so stop loss should be placed in the first important position loss of money, for who, it is difficult to have a good mentality, do futures must improve the trading technology, if the trading technology is better Relatively speaking the mentality will be better before the National Day to remind everyone to participate in a light position cherish life, away from futures Lin Jun Hongkai investment this morning just arrived in the United States as soon as the plane received a few calls, 3:30 a.m. this morning in the SSE side of the Xiang Xie Li jumped the 31st floor died on the spot, remembered to pay Xiaojun back then also worked as a governor, more intelligent people, rubber circle old rivers and lakes, futures is ultimately a road of no return, I want to do less futures in the future, more to help people I also want to jump in 05, think about my daughter is still small, and fortunately did not borrow money, otherwise it is not easy to say, advise everyone a word, do not borrow money to speculate futures, the ability to do, life is a practice, not gambling! Jiang Changying Dun Park investment heard a bad news, Shanghai, an investment company boss jumped at 3:00 a.m., this is the second because of the rubber plunge jumped, last weekend was a tire trader alas, a sigh of relief … … we hear is the story of overnight riches, that probability no one mentioned those with life blood lessons were labeled as losers no one mentioned, know the death To better life Wang Seaside Oak Valley think tank morning wrote a few lines of the ship of Theseus, on the wind in the early morning there are old futures jump to be honest, in this industry for a long time, peoples life and death are like the numbers on the plate, there is no direct feeling someone burst, someone bankrupt, someone jumped will be very numb later to know is an acquaintance, a moment of sadness this psychology, from the futures is a negative and game, someone win money, someone lose money Acquaintances are also likely to be rivals, we win money at one time, lose money at this time, and change the time, win or lose rotate a table laugh, or even dislike each other a few words, hurt self-esteem on the face is often just the past on the past, not much to hold a grudge after a while, maybe and more short exchange everyone understands, make money in the end only open casinos, or stacked code boy, or loan sharks but who refused to leave the field however do go on, the Some people earn, some people lost there can not bear, just give up, give up the deal, also give up life this business too many traders are depressed traders partner will not worry about each other cheating, traders are rarely addicted to pornography and gambling, but they are addicted to trading I last year emotional outbursts, to this year to recognize a lot of things very transparent I wrote to my guests that do not treat futures as a trade, but to treat futures as a trade. Rather, you should treat futures as trade, as trading, just add leverage on trade there are buyers, sellers, there are tax collectors, there are lenders, you will seek profit, make money to support your family futures are the same just futures addicted to betting, adding leverage, the Tao and the art of flying together, mysticism and God walk, this industry began to cloud deep unknown this year I make money trading are holding positions, doing short term in and out, and do not know Earnings and losses, perhaps more losses in and out is to work for the brokerage and exchange, the commission more, I also forgot to talk to them to return their own also a little to spend time happy, or sad to today, an acquaintance big brother died suddenly, I psychologically can not accept friends told me that the memorial service will be opened in Shanghai, still do not know the time, I may not psychologically accept the occasion just a remote wish Id like to say goodbye to Liu Qiang, who was sent away 15 years ago, and then a few days ago sent away unknown trader this line is enough, do not play this way again as a breadwinners trade, just a gum dealer, and financial irrelevance Fu Xiaojun is not the first, but I hope he is the last life is a practice, not a monetary ashram futures this circle, there are too many stories of overnight riches, but the loss of blood and family is not Few pay Xiaojun is not the first to leave in this way in 2015 futures mastermind Liu Qiang a jump, alarmed by the Chinese futures market sinking dozens of years, Liu Qiang seems to have long spied the end of the transaction treacherous: success looks hearty, the success is a peculiar minority in fact, this game is not fun, it is destined to be a game that most people will fail…… On Tuesday, July 21, 2015, the Shanghai Composite Index jumped to a low of 3,939 points, nearly 50 points below the previous trading day At around 1 p.m., the weather in Beijing was gloomy On the top floor of the China Central Place Hotel near Changan Street, 36-year-old Rui Lin Jiachi fund manager Liu Qiang leapt down, decisively ending his life Three days later, the news of Liu Qiangs passing became public knowledge The media was filled with headlines about the futures legend The headline of bankruptcy and jumping to death, saying that Liu Qiang was bankrupt after forming a double kill due to being long futures and allotment to buy stocks at the same time, high full position, desperate to abandon his life like a metaphor, on July 17, Liu Qiang forwarded in the last microblog a legendary Wall Street speculator Jesse? Livermores life curve Livermore is Liu Qiangs spiritual idol for many years, he started with a few dollars from the slums, twice triggered the U.S. stock market crash, when Livermore felt like a king Every year, Livermore has to choose a day in the bank vault to reflect on the gains and losses, he has to sit on tens of millions of dollars in cash, feel the power of money Liu Qiang once said: Livermores wise mind, his unrestrained personality, his unrestrained personality, the power of money. His squandering of money like earth, and so on these are my various fantasies of the capital market do not rely on background, do not seek relations, free life, fighting alone, a success, financial freedom, these are not my ultimate dream of the stock market futures? In the Wall Street stock market crash of 1929, Livermore made $100 million in short sales, reaching its peak. Next, his life took a sharp turn downward on a roller coaster after three bankruptcies in a row, Livermore committed suicide with a pistol in 1940, and died with less than $10,000. Liu Qiang was born in 1979 and graduated from the futures program at the Beijing Institute of Materials, a school in Tongzhou, a district far from the city center, which was first affiliated with the Ministry of Materials in 1993, when the futures market was gradually taking shape, but there was a shortage of talent and professors such as Wang Zhitai established the countrys first futures program at the risk of speculation. In addition to Liu Qiang, the most popular figures in the futures industry in recent years, such as Jiang Shibo and Lin Guangjian, also came from this school in 1998, after graduating from the Institute of Materials, Liu Qiang has done stock private equity, financial journalists, futures private equity, and his own multi-point resonance trading system. In 2012, under the pressure of years of trading, Liu Qiang got depression and temporarily retired from the world. He bought a guest house in Dali, Yunnan Province, to rest and recuperate. Many trading experts face the fishy market every day, need to rely on external forces to calm the torment of anxiety and desire Liu Qiang studied Buddhism for many years, the Buddhist initiation teacher suggested that he did not have to be too attached to external objects, may be with the wishes of the heart, learning Dharma and financial charity, to help those who have a destiny to earn wealth after the start of the bull market in 2015, in the private equity circle friends persuaded, Liu Qiang decided to return to Beijing as a private Rui Lin Jiachi 4 fund fund manager According to public information, this fund was established in May 2015, the subscription threshold of 1 million yuan, the initial fundraising amount of 30 million yuan, a total of 16 people invest in the fund investment targets are stocks, funds, bonds, stock index futures or commodity futures, and agreed that a single variety of futures contracts take up margin of no more than 30% of the net asset value of the plan June 3, Liu Qiang announced on microblogging, the funds net value rose happily This means that in less than one and a half months, the return has reached 22%. On June 15, the SSE index reached the peak of 5178, and then fell all the way down. This crash has overturned many of my investment principles, I feel at a loss, and even doubt whether I am still suitable for this market this is also his last blog Liu Qiang suicide eve, he managed the net value of the fund had fallen to 0.82 yuan, approaching the industry prevailing 0.6 yuan to 0.8 yuan liquidation warning line but the fund did not burst, and those days the general market trend is picking up according to informed sources: his customers do not quite understand the death of Liu Qiang, we feel that the loss on the loss The risk has been dispersed to a dozen people involved in private equity funds have a certain tolerance, not to mention that in such an extreme market I think investment failure should not be enough to crush him, it is more likely that the pressure induced his depression, and the collapse of faith after the idol Livermores "stock master record", Liu Qiang has written a novel "futures master record" this book This semi-autobiographical novel tells the trading history of a rookie futures trader. In the book, Liu Qiang describes futures traders as the most exciting and free profession in the world: I can live and work anywhere in the world, I can turn a deaf ear to daily affairs, I can ignore anyone. As we all know, compared to securities, the biggest difference in the futures mechanism is the margin system and the floating surplus plus positions futures trading only requires a small amount of money as a financial guarantee, you can participate in the purchase and sale of contracts, which is actually similar to the leveraged funding in stock trading a futures trader with 200,000 yuan of margin, you can operate a 1 million yuan account, and trading in the The floating profits obtained can be continuously added to the position, rolling trade if the correct direction of judgment, the trader may obtain a dozen or even dozens of times the profit in a short period of time Of course, the risk of leveraged trading is also huge once the fall below the closing line, the margin will be lost futures leverage magnifies the multiplier of funds, but also magnifies the human greed, hope and fear in the futures world, there is no shortage of young fame, overnight riches story; also There are more instant bankruptcy, full of tragedy but such a mechanism for the lack of capital, but the desire to get rich overnight young people, undoubtedly has a huge attraction Beijing Institute of Materials, Professor Shan Lei said: many futures trading peoples first bucket of gold from this young and exuberant, with tens of thousands of dollars of savings to the futures market to fight some, see the right opportunity, may be able to get millions of profits lost is only a few million yuan loss, to start over is the futures trading. The futures traders they call themselves wolves in the futures market in recent years the most popular star cotton predator Lin Guangjian is one such winner he was born in 1981, calling himself a wild man in soup, wild and flamboyant personality, bold and aggressive operating methods in the first few years of the futures market, the jianghu legend has it that he has experienced four bankruptcy account float losses of 60% for me is a norm, my Style is full plus position trading, so I am ready to zero the psychological preparation is like a person for the first time on a roller coaster will be scared to shout, but if you sit every day, sit ten years, will be afraid? At that time sitting on the roller coaster can fall asleep in 2010, cotton futures prices rose from 16,600 yuan / ton to 33,690 yuan / ton, and in 2011 from 34,000 yuan / ton down to 19,880 yuan / ton Lin Guangjian accurately captured the rising cotton timing, firmly do more he used 28,000 yuan of principal in a months time rolling to 150,000 yuan, 150,000 yuan and half a year to reach 6 million After 6 million yuan 6 million yuan, Lin Guangjians trading entered the most legendary leap stage he disclosed on the blog operation ideas, and even disclosed its positions and costs a year time, Lin Guangjian from 6 million spent a year to 1.3 billion yuan, then short cotton with a backhand, with 100 million yuan earned 700 million yuan, completed a from 28,000 yuan to 2 billion, from the bottom to escape the top to eat the full section of the legendary trading 1995 Since he started his career in 1995, Yao Guang, general manager of Galaxy Futures, has been rolling in the futures market for twenty years He wears a light blue shirt and sits in his exquisite and expansive office in Shanghais North Bund Center, gentle and steady He wants the companys culture to learn international standards, so that subordinates do not call him Mr. Yao, but Gavin I am not considered successful, far from it In the past 20 years, Yao Guang has crossed paths with many legends, and also calls himself a contemporary Yao Guangs first job offer came from Shenzhen Development Bank, where he was interviewed by the then president, He Yun. Recalling the chaotic era of financial rules, Yao Guang was filled with emotion: In those years, the stock of Shenzhen Development grew tremendously if I had chosen Shenzhen Development, I might have had more wealth than now. The second offer came from the futures department of the Chinese Peoples Insurance Trust and Investment Company that year Yao Guang was 22 years old, interviewed by a 27-year-old young man, the current CEO of Zhongde Securities, Jiang Peixing In 1993, the company gave Jiang Peixing 100,000 yuan, he and his team made 300,000 yuan in one months time At the end of 1994, Jiang was then promoted to deputy general manager to preside over the interview, Jiang Peixing and Yao Guang met at once, Jiang later In 1996, next to the Suzhou Commodity Exchange Hotel, two to three hundred traders used to gather here to find out the news of the big investors, and the ponies who were on the periphery, followed the big investors and made more than two million dollars, and invited everyone to a big drink. A few days later, the market changed, the money earned by the ponies returned to the market overnight, had to turn around and start again as a trader. From time to time, we hear of rising stars, earning money from one or two million to twenty to thirty million, and some people looking for financing from the underground money changers active in Zhejiang at the time, running away after making a loss and never heard from again. Yao Guang is able to meet and exchange with them from time to time. They represent one of the most dynamic parts of the market, and we call them wolves. This division of market trading groups originates from Goldman Sachs taxonomy: entities with huge assets are called bears, large financial consortia are called tigers, trading institutions such as hedge funds are called wolves, and retail investors are sheep to be slaughtered. rsquo;; and gain profits through the return of invalid to effective. The invalid in the market is constantly changing, so this group has superb learning ability, realization ability and risk management ability. These people are so persistent that they can not eat or sleep in pursuit of α (excess return) and they can play with me for three or four hours on the phone to figure out a problem, until I talk about the collapse of the top masters even in the relaxation of entertainment, but also prefer those brainstorming projects Yao Guang knows a person who does hedge funds play mahjong, grab the tiles never look at, take the hand and touch it once to know what is. He placed all the tiles out of order and held them back to explain to people what he was playing when the tile was played. These people play mahjong and probably know what tiles everyone has in their hands in the first two rounds, and then go to the game They play mahjong not to win money, they can embody everything as a game Yao Guang knows another hedge fund person who regularly goes to the casino before entering, he He would never gamble without knowing the risks and benefits, but would first observe from the side, mentally calculate the laws and play, and sum up a set of investment methods before going down each time will make a lot of money. Yao Guang asked him why this? He said: For me, if the futures market as a casino to do, I must not win that is a discipline, self-discipline, risk management requirements of a particularly strict market I came to the casino is to know if I do wrong will be what, people always want to indulge a little, with the mood to do something but I can not indulge in the real investment market, only in the casino to release the inner depression Yan Yi vice president of Dongxing Futures His office is facing the Huangpu River, and he has an excellent view of the market. He is holding his cell phone over his shoulder and discussing the recent positive securities market sector, while thoughtfully making a pot of Zhengshan Xiaozhuang Kung Fu tea. The phoenix is rare occasionally looking out the window at the river, he lamented that he was a bit delayed haha, God must hate me to make me do this thing At the end of 1992, the Suzhou Commodity Exchange was established and Yan Yi, who worked at the Suzhou Materials Bureau, was sent to be a trader to train Yan Yi, who was one of the founders of the Chinese futures market, Chang Qing The subject matter for trading at that time was 6.5 wire, and people did not understand that there was no spot, futures The market was always unable to close Yan Yis first short order, which was concealed from the unit, and also led to the first transaction in the Suzhou Commodity Exchange. In 1995, the 3.27 treasury bond incident shocked the Chinese and foreign markets, the president of Wanguo Securities, Guan Jinsheng, Wei Dong, Yuan Baojing, Zhou Zhengyi and Liu Han became the famous four winners, completing a huge accumulation of wealth 20 years later, even though karma reincarnated, three of the four winners died and one was imprisoned, but the 3.27 treasury bond incident also directly allowed the state to brand the futures market as speculative Since then, the development of Chinas futures has always been tied up, and more directly affected the listing and trading of hedging instruments such as stock index futures In August 1998, the futures Exchanges from the peak of more than 50 withdrawn to retain only Shanghai, Zhengzhou and Dalian 3, futures varieties from more than 30 compressed to only 6 Chinese futures is difficult to achieve corporate hedging, hedging risk, but simply reduced to a tool for the government to regulate commodity prices Yan Yi said: foreign futures markets from the bottom to the top, we work together to determine a forward price target Chinese market from the top to the bottom, this ‘Up ’ and not the country, but the provincial and municipal levels on the lack of policy support, under the inability to issue independent, destined to Chinas futures to go very bumpy at once off, and then flooded with transactions people are also seen as gamblers walk the longer people walk the more tired a few years ago, Yan Yi and the old vests gathered, someone proposed a toast to the cause of Chinas futures! A couple of years later, we all got together again and someone asked: Are we still doing a career? Reform and opening up for more than 30 years, all walks of life are generally growing but people who do futures like to short, because we always consider the risk first but in fact the reform and opening up for China is a ‘more’, such as real estate to buy to earn, always thinking about shorting can not get rich futures market contraction let futures traders more and more narrow space, Ge Weidong, Ye Chengjun, Lin Guangjian and others in After becoming famous in the futures market, have turned to the more prosperous securities market but the securities market, the states intervention is also increasing the uncertainty of trading from mid-June since the outbreak of the stock market crash, increasing the states bailout factors, many traders instead found that their trading system has completely failed in the whirlpool of Liu Qiang also in the stock market crash constantly trying to make lessons learned, he believes in value investment, but repeatedly lost the stop-loss Effective timing, profits continue to decrease until July 7, he admitted on his blog mentality has been completely out of balance Yao Guang said: every trading expert will encounter similar struggles, tangled, painful moments if he has no way to determine the cause of the error, will stop stop loss not to do, rather than anxious to revenge However, in futures trading, than to overcome the market, to overcome their own internal greed, fear, fluke may be difficult Much more Liu Qiang once wrote: Doing investment is like running a marathon, when you feel particularly hard, in fact, others are also hard, hold on, run to the finish line is success, regardless of the ranking this sentence should be more of his own admonition and encouragement, but the long-term tension and profit and loss pressure eventually crushed the straw in his heart and the evil dragon stalking too long, will become the evil dragon in the "futures mastermind wind record, Liu Qiang has long foreseen the treacherous end of the transaction: success seems to be sound, the success is a rare minority in fact, this game is not fun, it is destined to be a game that most people will fail ……
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