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10 years of stock market experience, 7 years of foreign exchange trading, to say these years of trading insights!

Before engag cashback forexg in foreign exchange trading, forexrebatesbrokers was a full-time stockholder, because the stock market out of a very strange trend, forex d forexbonusrebatecount brokers fade into foreign exchange trading I need to succeed, need a better market to refine themselves, refining their mindset and will just into this industry, I know how difficult the road ahead, into this industry, are forexdiscountbrokers stupid people, are with the dream of making money to come, there was a time when I was also high I called any ordeal is the test of God to me, any setback will make me stronger, any disobedience is my strength to move forward, and will write it in the diary constantly read, but this does not let me immediately stable money are saying that technology is not everything, but the masters say that good technology will take you through the fog of trading, to reach the other side of success in addition to learning technology, what else can I learn? I went through all the best posts of the whole forum, downloaded all the favorable systems to my computer, and spent a lot of time to review the demonstration, and kept learning the usage of various software, indicators and methods of modification and customization, and obtained various EAs to test and try to hang the proposed account after more than a year of comparison, learning and I know that doing this industry full-time will be through a lot of hardships, loved ones do not understand and lonely feeling always hit our hearts, and what powerful opponents, they have a lot of money, the strength is extraordinary, they also keep trying to make money in the market. But I still keep telling myself, I can not lose, I want to succeed, I do not talk, I have to pay more than others, sacrifice more time off to learn money management wisdom, spend more time to refine my trading mentality and will, seriously strive to belong to my success of the fruits of foreign exchange is not easy, unless you decide to devote yourself to, you will not succeed in foreign exchange trading, this is not play place, if you do not intend to take it seriously, please do not enter to put your emotions in the back pants pocket, this is the business, should be treated as a business, you have any bad habits, the foreign exchange market will soon give you correction if there is nothing to do, do not do, do not be impulsive or just want to do and do, that will bring a lot of trouble trading system is important, money management and mind control is more important lack or misuse of money management plan Dangers: 1. trading accounts are prone to blow up 2. do not know how much risk they should take 3. have no concept of risk at all 4. do not know when to stop 5. do not adjust risk according to the needs of the situation 6. do not strictly adhere to the discipline of the plan 7. affected by emotions because of big losses or big wins, not controlled by risk parameters 8. do not believe that they will encounter the maximum continuous The importance of a loss capital management plan: 1. capital management is the common denominator of outstanding traders 2. capital management to protect precious trading capital 3. capital management to allow themselves to understand how much risk they can withstand 4. capital management to help deal with the worst case scenario preparedness 5. capital management to help control losses 6. capital management can avoid trading account blowouts 7. capital management can help set reasonable trading goals 8. money management can avoid gambling mentality here to record some of my favorite good articles and books (related links: foreign exchange state foreign exchange library) Basic: "Short term trading master" "trading for a living" "Fibonacci advanced trading method" "foreign exchange sniper - 15 aces" money management and strategy application: "the gift of ghosts" "the road to freedom in the financial kingdom" "scarred dick" mentality assistance: "the The most important thing about trading is not only the technology and indicators, but also the mindset! The volatility of the financial markets is beyond the control of traders, and this is why the trader who only clicks the mouse every day is described as one of the most challenging jobs in the world. The problem is nothing but: premature profit understanding, the inability to effectively implement the trading signals and other issues and no matter what trading rules you use will definitely have a loss, we can not control each transaction or know whether to make money every day, has been down, traders lose confidence, in fear, it is not easy to control the position, and eventually swallowed by the market (control)  this situation, you must be in a position to control the market. There is no other way, you must be in a difficult situation through the right way to gradually develop confidence in trading, to create a positive trading experience, to re-establish the self-confidence process which is the key to focus on the idea of profit and loss from excessive concern (thinking of returning to the capital, calculating how much to earn or lose today …) to the actual operation of the trading process, such as the initial are only to establish the smallest unit, only when profit can be added to the code, and the market When the market goes in the opposite direction, through the self-imposed trading rules to end the part  so traders can not control the market trend, but we can control the size of the position and loss, through the way to focus on the trading rules, in order to experience step by step account net value of a large increase in small back up the growth process, the amount of capital is not the focus, the point is that you have successfully dealt with adversity, to find confidence and no longer fear, the rest is only the question of position (the number of capital is not the focus, the focus is that you have successfully dealt with adversity, to find confidence and no longer fear, the remaining The only problem is the position (how big the heart, how big the profit) then again, this is one of the important reasons why trading rules must exist, we absolutely can not control the results of market fluctuations, and will not know the next pen, the next day, how much profit and loss per month, but can control their own actions (in accordance with the rules of the transaction) focus on what we should do (whether to trade in accordance with the rules), rather than what we want to do on a daily basis. Not what we want to do every day after the opening of the market, not to calculate each transaction to make money or not, but to pay attention to the transaction is carried out correctly or not, and focus on handling the position in other words: profit from self-discipline, they are interlocking, which is why the market losers always fall into the abyss of endless failure, but the winners are doing better and better, the more we win the reason why we decide the rules of trading, let the market We decide how much profit we can get in strict compliance with the trading system, experience a series of positive trading profitable process, to the psychological sense of pleasure and good experience, it is called self-confidence reconstruction confidence process = self-discipline & rarr; profit & rarr; self-confidence & rarr; more self-discipline & rarr; more profitable & rarr; positive virtuous circle … &hellip nbsp;Since 1998, when I opened an account to get involved in speculation, I have experienced countless storms, into the foreign exchange industry, very bitter, often testing the system, backtesting historical data, several days and nights work, a sit is 20 hours, dinner is also eaten on the computer, sleep on a casual sleep, sleep 2-3 hours up again, hitting iron to hot hit the family in addition to my wife, no one to support me, parents Said many times let me find a job, brothers also disapprove of friends ridiculed not to see a lot of no one knows what foreign exchange is, speculation in stocks and insurance and pyramid schemes, as if the alternative I do not give up to do well in this industry, overcome a lot of things, for example, a person is not good at cooking, eat last nights leftovers, sometimes do not remember to eat, I will not eat, for example, sometimes drink a milk when I think: Im like which CCTV talk about snapper people, he package a reservoir, buy fry to raise water fish, all the more than 300,000 deposits into the money, no money, and encounter fish run, and natural disasters and heavy rains washed away the reservoir, all the snapper may be washed away later he borrowed money everywhere, replenish the fish fry, all the family can sell all the money sold, borrowed money everywhere, buy drugs, replenish the fish fry, no money, the wife wants to divorce, the wife wants to divorce, the wife wants to divorce, the wife wants to divorce. He had to overcome a lot of hardships, no one cared about him, no one looked up to him, when he was a madman, his friends and relatives said he was too crazy, for a breeding project, all his money went into it in the hard years, he insisted on the hard work years later, his snapper pond, a reservoir of snapper, the best wild snapper, the noble snapper. The best wild snapper, noble goods, hundreds of dollars a, how many hotels how many big bosses specializing in the acquisition of game to find him to goods, a batch of goods sold hundreds of thousands, millions,, two, three batches he is with their own persistence, plus his belief, plus continuous efforts, finally, he succeeded, hundreds of thousands of capital loss is nothing, the first batch of all washed away and what? Whats the point of selling the house? The return is the villa, countless batches of snapper 、、、、 pity his wife, did not accompany him through the most difficult days we do foreign exchange, do leverage trading, is a snapper old, the risk is incalculable, too fierce, just started to invest a lot of tuition are down the drain, human natures greed, let people one at a time haphazardly into, again and again burst, wasted a lot of time, the platform or do not know where, online, the Fictional,, loved ones do not believe that this thing can make money, 90% of those who entered the industry said they lost money, friends and sneering hot crazy,  I started to open an account at the age of 19 to learn to speculate in stocks, has been trying to survive inside this industry, which over the past ten years I lost countless hundred thousand, anyway, there is money in addition to life, I put it all into going to speculation later I was to find that stocks are too difficult (of course now very simple), because A weekly chart of the bull and bear cycle to go through 10-20 years, perhaps to I understand the stock bull and bear conversion step, I am old later I came across foreign exchange, look at the trend of foreign exchange, found which is called the international market, firmly turn to try foreign exchange, a try to find a great, this is where I learn skills because the foreign exchange bull and bear cycle conversion fast, four-hour cycle a bull and bear conversion, sometimes is half a year to turn over, sometimes Three months to experience the vicissitudes of the stock market inside 30 years to experience,, (this is the point, making money is second) so the difficult foreign exchange career began, slowly,, found more and more difficult, human nature, difficult to overcome, burst, burst,, flat, big loss, flat, big loss 、、、、 has been so several years the most difficult time, my wife sold the house to support me I side real money real money experiment, re I learned the theory once again, I am alone at home, a few days do not go out half a step, read e-books, learn money management, learn to wrap in the Zen theory, learn the wave theory, learn the butterfly principle, learn the triple filter technology, Dina Poli, European breakthrough, all good, Baidu to find the book that is useful to learn all seriously once, sometimes the eyes are painful swollen noon family members go to work, school, I am alone at home home fried foreign exchange, no one No one cooked, I ate last nights cold food, ate is half a year, a year, sometimes do not remember, sometimes forget to eat,, later, found that the domestic bookstore books are teaching people to buy and sell, no one teaches money management, no one teaches mind management techniques, I went everywhere on the forum, wildly add groups, (the most frightening, while opening more than 20 foreign exchange, stock trading forums at home and abroad, while chatting more than 20 Group), everywhere to learn knowledge I learn money management, back and forth to see the "scar two", look at the high margin trading, look at the trend trading method, self-discipline traders, learn master experience I learn mindset management, to Baidu library, exchange, firewire, foreign exchange workshop, ocean forum, the first foreign exchange (of course, now many are not operating down, unfortunately),, and so on seriously learned to trade psychological analysis, look at veteran trading experience, adjust trading mindset, and so on, and so on, and so on. Adjustment of trading mentality, and so on,, I kept in the pig network, C station to learn the master single, learn their trading principles, why should be under this we, why will be stop-loss, why dead bar, why some people would have been the first performance last month, the next month will be behind the row to go,, I was sleepless for several days to test the system, learn to write the trading system, learn to write EA trading, learn MT4 replay, real position The actual test trading fortunately, my wife supports me, in my most difficult time, sold the house, support me to continue to learn while frying, accompany me through the most difficult time in several years today I succeeded,,, said so much, is to struggle with still in the difficult line of friends, exchange friends, stock friends, gold friends, silver friends, including your loved ones, to say::: we are which raising snapper people , a reservoir of snapper, the risk is great, I do not know how much hardship and danger waiting for us in front, but we have patience, perseverance, we persist, we learn, we are not daydreaming, we are struggling in the highest level of the human food chain of painstaking people, fighting with us, are very hard-working people, they do not sleep, they experienced three years, five years, ten years, twenty years of rain and wind, before seeing the rainbow, they are in order to This industry to survive, is just as hard, but hard down, they succeeded after a period of time, our reservoir up fish, serious business, how can there be no harvest, hundreds of acres of reservoirs of top quality wild snapper, how much is it worth? My mother let me, play a job, I was working in 2008 as an assistant to the general manager of the enterprise, a monthly salary of 5,000, bonuses plus other also have a few thousand,, a year of 100,000 bar,, is a good job, but I always want to start a business,, now I can say to my mother, Mom, although I do not earn much now, I can earn my previous months salary after a wave of trading, now I can say to my friends, a wave of market I can now tell my friend, a wave of the market to pull up the money I earn, you can earn his salary for a year, a wave of 500 points of the market, the next 1 hand is to earn $ 5,000, 10 hands of the single is $ 50,000, 20 hands is $ 100,000 account is this calculation, although not necessarily do it, but you know, there is money management, and mindset management in the back to follow up on it, anyway, a reservoir of snapper, ah see a lot of forex trading The people, someone discouraged very much, someone still walking around the door, someone lost faith, someone ambiguous anyway, to do this, must be a firm belief, determined not to be ambiguous, self-confidence, efforts, efforts, and then efforts, I insist, I do not give up, I do not discourage, I succeed sincerely thank always behind the silent my wife, is she silently pay for the family, but also help me give birth to two lovely babies; (my work environment) and finally to talk about the odds in trading: in order to be easy to understand, I talk less nonsense, only the key: you if you follow the earn point on the run, earn on the run, every time you earn 10 points 8 points on the run is not enough (that is, a small earn big loss), encounter unexpected market burst loss on the guard position, the best big loss or burst position cut, this transaction is the most failed, half a year of profit, may be a market to waste so that It is best to do a big profit and small loss, the odds to make a large, so play it favorable, you see the table below, as long as you do 2.5 times the profit and loss ratio, which, trading 10 times: wrong 8 times, you small loss, wrong 7 times on the capital preservation, wrong 6 times on the money, wrong half of the time, has been a stable win
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